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Experience gained over time and the quest for ever more high performance products that conform to quality standards and have an aesthetic impact at the track, have allowed us to create an exclusive barrier – the best on the world market today.

GoTrack barriers combine: design, reliability and safety, providing an infinite number of solutions for harmonious and winning tracks.

Our barriers come in the following sizes:

  • MAXI 110 cm long, 40 cm high, and 42 cm deep
  • MINI 65 cm long, 40 cm high, 42 cm deep

MINI barriers are used mainly to create tighter bends and especially to make the best use of space when creating tracks. These particularly compact, robust units provide greater strength over time despite being used at bends where they are most affected by impacts.

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The advantages of our barriers

  • Individual detachable and re-attachable elements
  • Made up of four parts, offering the advantage of only having to change the damaged part, thereby reducing maintenance costs
  • The four sides have a double surface to withstand impacts
  • Standard colours: white, red, green and black, with the possibility of customised colours for minimum lots to be defined.
  • Possibility of detaching parts of the barrier to create very tight sections of the track, with an overall size of only 20 cm
  • Extremely quick delivery times and a production capacity of 1000 barriers a we
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