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During 2014, after various technical studies, we added the three-tube profile to our range of products. This can be fitted to the barrier to create a support surface just a few millimetres thick to protect karts.

The result is minimum wear of contact parts and an appearance of the barriers that does not change over time. The length of the three-tube units varies from 200 to 350 metres, and is fitted by our technicians without any breaks for the entire length of the track, so that all the track components can be combined in a uniform way.

A circuit formed using GoTrack barriers stands out for its racing design, and installation does not require supports of any kind to keep the barriers in position, such as concrete plinths or similar structures.
The barriers used to mark out the track are bound to one another by a single belt on the inside with a breaking strength of 5000 kg. Every ten barriers there is a ratchet belt, which pulls them together, creating a single, continuous unit.



The barriers are fixed to the paving every three or four elements, while at points of possible impact they are able to move by more than 20 cm, thanks to the new shock-absorber system, with air inside it. After the impact they return to their precise position. Our staff has spent a lot of time testing this system with efficacious, excellent results – less breakage of both karts and barriers, even after very violent impacts. The system we use absorbs a stunning amount of energy, without making the kart bounce off after the impact, unlike systems that use springs.

Our technical staff is always on hand to offer and propose the best solution for creating an exclusive track, with all the basic elements to ensure excitement and safety over time.

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