The new “anti-crash protection strip” presented at the 26^Edition of Offenbach Fair “IKA KART2000” 2018.

Among the Company’s items exposed on exhibit at the 26^ IKA KART2000 Fair in Offenbach on the Main (Germany), the “anti-crash protection strip” has been presented, too: a new profile in polyethylene high density, thick mm. 15 and width about mm. 200, very light and more resistant, flexible and poli-functional. This new esclusive GoTrack production may be, indifferently, used both with traditional piles of used car tires and the modern, more efficient delimitation barriers. It, so well fixed to these elements, is a very valid aid because preserves both tires or barriers and the go-kart bodyworks from impacts caused by the last ones, so the possible damages significantly decrease and favoring the track durability.