The International karting track “South Garda”

The International karting track “South Garda” in Lonato: a restyling time by time with GoTrack Barriers.

The famous International track in Lonato – the South Garda Karting – continuously restyles its look improving both safety and its racing appeal thanks to the GoTrack delimitation barriers which, in replacement of the obsolete, banned protections like tires (and old mattresses too), complete and distinguish almost all sectors of the Garda Lake circuit.

26^ IKA KART2000: the new “anti-crash protection strip”

The new “anti-crash protection strip” presented at the 26^Edition of Offenbach Fair “IKA KART2000” 2018.

Among the Company’s items exposed on exhibit at the 26^ IKA KART2000 Fair in Offenbach on the Main (Germany), the “anti-crash protection strip” has been presented, too: a new profile in polyethylene high density, thick mm. 15 and width about mm. 200, very light and more resistant, flexible and poli-functional. This new esclusive GoTrack production may be, indifferently, used both with traditional piles of used car tires and the modern, more efficient delimitation barriers. It, so well fixed to these elements, is a very valid aid because preserves both tires or barriers and the go-kart bodyworks from impacts caused by the last ones, so the possible damages significantly decrease and favoring the track durability.

GoTrack new products presented at the 26^ “IKA KART2000” – Karting Fair

New GoTrack products didn’t only arouse great curiosity among visitors, but they have been much appreciated by the sector/business operators , arousing relevant interest during the 26^World Karting Fair -“IKA KART2000” – held the last weekend on January 2018 in Offenbach on Main (Germany): from the new polyethylene anti-crash and protection profile (both for used car tires and barriers) to the innovative series of steering wheels for the original equipment of the go-kart “Rental”, GoTrack received many requests of information, of possible customizations and about their price lists.

Great interest for Gotrack products to the 26^ IKA KART2000 World Fair

High attendance of visitors during the recent Karting World Fair – IKA KART2000 – which took place on 27th and 28th of January in Offenbach am Main (Frankfurt, Germany), where GoTrack took part in as exhibitor to promote its own products: from the barriers of delimitation for indoor and outdoor circuits (the company “core business”) up to the polyethylene protection strip both for “piles” of used car tires and the system of barriers, passing through the accessories and the innovative line of hi-tech steering wheels, the new “racing experience” destined for the first equipment of go-karts “rental” sector. Great interest shown by companies and specialists of the sector as well as by new potential partners and/or customers, as demonstrated by the high number of visits and by the related contacts acquired.

GoTrack at the IKA KART2000

GoTrack presente alla Fiera IKA KART2000 di Offenbach-Main (Germania) del 27 e 28 Gennaio 2018.

Esporremo, con uno spazio esclusivo appositamente allestito, i nostri prodotti, alla prossima Fiera dedicata al mondo del Karting “ IKA KART2000” di Offenbach-Main, in programma il 27 e 28 Gennaio 2018. Saremo presenti al Padiglione 1 (Halle 1) – Stand 24, ove avremo il piacere di intrattenere gli eventuali ospiti ed interessati con video multimediali e illustrando la nostra produzione e novità.