These are made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and come in two different sizes and versions for every type of kart track (mini or maxi, indoor and outdoor).

Our experience and research into a technologically advanced system have enabled us to create an innovative product, considered by experts to be one of the best solutions available at a global level

  • MAXI MODEL: 10cm x 42cm x 40cm (actual development 1 metre long)
  • MINI MODEL: 65cm x 42cm x 40cm (actual development 0.55 metres long)

Both outdoor models are treated for improved UV resistance, and represent a perfect combination of efficiency, versatility, style and safety.

Characteristics and advantages:  

  • High impact resistance: the double wall, with which the two side components have been specially designed and created, acts as a cavity or a kind of air chamber, in order to cushion the impact of the karts and make them more durable at the same time.  
  • The compactness and solidity of the accessories for connecting and securing the TBBs make the system a single, solid block.
  • Economy of management: the interchangeability and replaceability of its components (i.e. the two perfectly identical side elements and the joint spacers) mean that the barriers can be repaired and reassembled quickly and easily, replacing only the damaged parts, thus minimising maintenance and management costs
  • Functionality and versatility: as the TBBs can be dismantled (and reassembled), they are modular and therefore easy to disconnect and reconnect. This makes it possible to make changes to the track and modify it in a short space of time, creating countless new and exciting courses. They emphasise the environment as a “design element”, while also providing excellent visibility and acting as a deterrent to unruly drivers.
  • Eco-compatibility: our barriers have ZERO environmental impact, being 100% recyclable and self-extinguishing (with class “E” reaction to fire, certified by the prestigious Giordano Institute).  
  • Customisation: available in all colours of the RAL scale (subject to request). 

Safety: the unique body of our boundary barriers, whose various elements are compact and integral, and our connection and anchoring accessories, are able to absorb shocks caused by go-karts. The kinetic energy of the impact is distributed inversely proportional to the speed and force of the impact towards the outer barriers. In contrast to so-called “spring” barrier systems, this prevents the dangerous recoil or bouncing of vehicles.