Our anti-shock and anti-abrasion protection strip is an important innovative option. Designed and tested in numerous crash tests on the track to increase the compactness, solidity, and effectiveness of the integral body of the barriers, it is especially recommended for indoor circuits. It is applied to the side of the barrier that faces the track, preferably without interruption. In addition to the barriers, it can also be fixed onto piles of road tyres.


  • Extruded high density polyethylene profile (HDPE 100)
  • 100% self-extinguishing and recyclable
  • Dimensions (height x thickness): 180mm x 14mm
  • Available in reels of 50m each


  • Anti-shock and anti-abrasion: it protects both the TBB and the fairings from wear, also acting as a sliding surface for the go-karts
  • Anti-lifting and anti-rebound: with the help of the plates, it prevents lifting of the system and dangerous bouncing of the go-karts on the track
  • Memory effect: this helps to make the TBBs a uniform and integral body, helping them to return to their initial position and to cushion the kinetic energy generated by impacts, distributing it progressively to the sides;

Alignment: helps to keep the barriers perfectly aligned on the straights.