Always sensitive to the theme of innovation, GoTrack has created a new line of steering wheels, characterised by a modern and functional design, in Formula One style The models created for the rental sector are designed both as standard equipment for some of the most important manufacturers (CRG, RIMO, OTL) and as an alternative or […]


Our anti-shock and anti-abrasion protection strip is an important innovative option. Designed and tested in numerous crash tests on the track to increase the compactness, solidity, and effectiveness of the integral body of the barriers, it is especially recommended for indoor circuits. It is applied to the side of the barrier that faces the track, […]


In order to provide greater stability and avoid lifting at the points where there is the greatest risk of collision with go-karts, given the flexibility of the system (due to its inelastic behaviour in the event of impact), the boundary barriers are anchored to the ground by means of special cushioned plates. CHARACTERISTICS: Made of […]


Necessary to connect and hold the trackside barriers together, they pass through them and are tensioned by the ratchets built into the belt. The tension exerted on the belts compresses and compacts the barriers, creating a single, solid body along the entire perimeter of the track. The structure is thus stable but at the same […]


These are made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and come in two different sizes and versions for every type of kart track (mini or maxi, indoor and outdoor). Our experience and research into a technologically advanced system have enabled us to create an innovative product, considered by experts to be one of the best solutions available […]